Innovation management

How can I make sure that my innovation project is a success?

Micropool can show you the lean way to carry out your innovation project, with goal-oriented planning, management and monitoring of innovation within your company. With a wealth of experience from countless innovation projects, Micropool can provide support for all innovation processes: from idea to successful product.

Consulting / Coaching

  • Generating alternative ideas by systematically thinking outside the box
  • Searching for solutions using innovation techniques
  • Support during the evaluation of new product and business ideas
  • Identifying and avoiding stumbling blocks in the innovation process
  • Planning of innovation projects
  • Supporting your innovation projects through every stage of the process
  • Improving efficiency through process optimization
  • Independant, external innovation management
  • Building bridges between companies and research institutions (universities, colleges and institutes)
  • Coaching on collaboration between companies and research partners



  • Methods for developing and evaluating ideas
  • Requirementmanagement


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