From development to successful mass production.

Micropool develops your electronic modules and devices and cares for these up to the successful mass production. Our broad range of competence is based on many successfully implemented projects in the fields of medical technology, industrial applications and consumer products . This know-how, enriched with the most modern specialized knowledge, leads us to innovative, customized solutions.


What can you expect from Micropool?

  • A top-quality solution optimized to meet your requirements
  • Reduction of time-to-market as a result of goal-oriented, efficient product development (a high level of flexibility and short lines of communication)
  • Complete documentation for each project phase and approval authorities
  • Personal contacts
  • Clear project planning and scheduling
  • Transparent project costs
  • Current progress control

What do we do for you?

  • Product development
  • Provide feasibility studies and concepts
  • Support in requirement management
  • Redesigns / product relaunch
  • Maximizing economy of your existing products (cost optimization)

   at product, manufacture and procurement stages

  • Risk analysis / risk management
  • Support of certification processes with accredited institutions (IECEx,

   ATEX, CE, CSA, FDA, UL, ...)

  • Ramp up production / industrialization
  • Software- / hardware-reviews

What is our development focus?

    • Measuring, monitoring and control systems with high precision and reliability
    • Mobile, energy-saving and user-friendly instruments
    • Intuitive graphic user interfaces  
    • Durable devices for difficult environmental condition (temperature, humidity, explosion protection, …)
    • Product development for highly regulated markets (medical engineering,   IECEx, ATEX, automotive industry, etc.)

    Our Experiences and Core Competences

    Hardware development

    • Schematic design and calculation
    • Analog design, digital design, signal processing
    • 4 to 32 bit microcontrollers
    • IECEx / ATEX - products
    • Medical devices

    Software development

    • Embedded systems on different platforms
    • Application software for high safety requirements (SIL, IVD, MEDTECH, etc.)
    • Intuitive user interfaces (HMI and MMI)
    • Reviews / verification / documentation


    Industrializing / Certification

    • Manufacturing of functional models and prototypes
    • Creation of all documents for series manufacturing
    • Test specifications
    • Supplier audit / process validation
    • Verification of product specifications
    • Documentation for approval authorities
    • Help with the certification/approval process

    Our Technologies

    Electronic Hardware

    • Measurement data recording / sensor technology
    • Embedded systems with single or multiprocessor (ARM-architecture)
    • User interfaces
    • Handheld systems with accumulator / battery power supply
    • Design for different microcontroller platforms
    • EMC and test concepts


    • Man-machine interfaces
    • Real time systems
    • Communication technology / field busses
    • Numerical algorithm and solutions
    • Software maintenance

    Mechanical solutions (together with long term partners)

    • Mechanical design / housing / packaging
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Rapid tooling
    – Prototyping

    Production (as well as the selection of suppliers)

    • Printed circuit board assembly  (SMD, THT, COB, BGA, ...)
    • Cable assembling
    • Equipment manufacturing and assembly
    • Final assembly test
    • In circuit test (ICT)

    Our Tools

    Selected tools to support the development of high-quality products:


    • Inspection devices / measuring instruments (oscilloscopes, counters, pressure instruments, ...)
    • Simulators (climate, temperature, ...)
    • Development tools (emulators) for various microcontrollers (ARM, Atmel, Epson, Holtek, Microchip, Renesas, Texas Instruments, ...)


    • Programming languages (C / C++, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, ...)
    • QT-Framework
    • CAD / CAE (AutoCAD, Autodesk, Altium Designer, ...)
    • Version management system (CVS, Subversion, Git)
    • Project management (REDMINE)
    • Ticketing system (REDMINE)
    • Various compilers (Keil, IAR, ...)