Successfully implemented industrial applications

Temperature and pressure display with HART communication

(explosion protection ATEX zone 0)

Special challenge:
– Fulfillment of ATEX standards and regulations
– Reduction of production costs

– Communication over HART protocol

– Design for lowest current consumption

Software development for drive control at powder coating plant

Special challenge:

    • High reliability
    • Software documentation
    • Know-how transfer to the customer
    • Support of verification and validatio
    • Software maintenance

    Handheld instrument for simple process control

    Special challenge:

      • User-friendly handling with customized keypad
      • Optimized product costs
      • Providing long-term availability

      Quartz instrument for thin film deposition measurement

      Special challenge:

      • Very high resolution and measuring accuracy
      • Reliable process control due to data logging
      • Cost-effective procurement
      • Control via TCP/IP

      Intrinsically safe hand-held pressure calibrator

      (explosion protection ATEX zone 1)

      Special challenge:

      • Assisting the customer with the project specification
      • Intuitive user interface (GUI)
      • TFT display module with capacitive touch panel
      • Creation of ATEX concept
      • Communication with approval authorities regarding ATEX

      High dynamic industrial control unit

      Special challenge:

      • Reverse engineering for existing electronics/firmware
      • Real-time capable, highly dynamic process control
      • Guaranteeing of long-term component availability
      • Integration of self-tests and recording of operating data