Just in time product qualification during development process.

In Micropool’s modern equipped measurement laboratory, we provide fast, accurate and reliable measurement results for the engineers.

Our measuring- and test-services includes:

    • Measuring and testing during development process
    • Assistance and testing by our experienced engineers
    • State-of-the-art measuring methods and instruments
    • Documentation (test plans, verification- and validation reports)

    What measuring methods can you expect?

    Climatic environmental simulations
    (-60 °C bis 180 °C / 10 % rF bis 98 % rF)

    • Dry coldness, dry heat
    • Temperature cycling
    • Damp heat, cyclic
    • Climatic zones, humidity

    Thermographic diagnosis (-20 °C bis 350 °C)

    • Heat distribution analysis during operation
    • Diagnosis of hot spots
    • Maximum surface temperatures in ATEX Projects
    • Optimization of component layout on pcb‘s
    • Troubleshooting in electrical equipment

    Batterytest: qualification of batteries (primary- and secondary cells)

    • Measuring capacity, discharging characteristics, internal

       resistance, ...

    • Self-discharge test
    • "Quick-test" to rapidly diagnose (fast good / bad decision)
    • Evaluation of charging / discharging periods / cycles

    Further tests

    • PC supported test process control and data logging
    • Electrical tests (voltage, current, resistance, ...)
    • Climatic environmental (temperature, humidity, pressure, ...)
    • Frequency, revolution, signal sequence

    Verification with long-term partners

    • EMC Testing (electromagnetic emission, EMI, susceptibility, EMS)
    • Usability
    • Mechanical capacity (vibration, shock, free fall, ...)
    • Mechanical strength (tension, pressure, flexure, ...)
    • 3D-measuring technology